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CADISPA (Conservation and Development in Sparsley Populated Areas) is an independent charity which helps people in rural areas to build sustainable communities 'for themselves - by themselves'. To do this, CADISPA works with local communities, offering them various forms of support including advice on funding and legal matters, a range of community based research services and access to a peer-to-peer network of similar groups across Scotland.
Our service will facilitate the remote community to identify those projects that will assist in the building of sustainability. Those services may include Consulting, Training, Provision of resources, identification of key players aquisition of funding and the resulting legalities.
Our Latest Project
Handbook for communities wishing to develop a local facility within their area. Click to see report.

Following is a small selection of the clients we have worked with over the years.
                          -  Boat of Garten
                          -  Gatehouse of Fleet
                          -  Langholm
                          -  Logie Coldstone
                          -  Invergordon
                          -  Soroba
                          -  Strathdearn