Sample Projects

These are some of the more than 100 projects that CADISPA has worked with local communities on over the past few years:
Boxing Day sky over Tomatin Church 2010 (Betty via Denise)
Gatehouse of Fleet The Langholm Initiative Logie Coldstone Invergordon Strathdearn

Gatehouse Development Initiative exists for the benefit of the Gatehouse Community and provides a framework for the development of projects within the community. Many other community groups are represented at meetings which provide a useful forum for discussion of ideas and proposals, and reporting on the progress of projects.
The GDI is a limited company, registered in Scotland with charitable status.

Key objectives of the company include:
      To assist with the maintenance, improvement or
      provision of public amenities.

The preservation of buildings or sites of historic or architectural importance.

The provision of recreational facilities for the public at large.

The protection and conservation of the environment.

Cally Designed Landscape

The aim of the project was initially to prepare an overall Management Plan that would provide a framework for the management of this historic designed landscape. The preparation of the plan is now complete A steering group made up of the representatives of community groups, land agencies, residents and other stakeholders monitors the progress of developments arising from the Management Plan. Cally Boundaries Project following on from the Cally Designed Landscape report, the Cally Boundaries is a project to reveal and restore drystone dykes in and around the designed landscape of Cally. 

Volunteers surveyed the condition of 17km of drystone dyke and cleared undergrowth to reveal the dykes for the restoration to be undertaken by professional dykers.  Dyke building training days allowed volunteers to learn rural skills while restoring historical features which are important to the setting of gatehouse of Fleet. Dykes restored have included both the main boundary walls which are an important feature of the entrance to Gatehouse, and walls within the park itself including the haha and sunken dyke.

Country Market

The Country Market is held weekly on Saturday mornings throughout the year. The market sells mainly regional produce and takes place in the main car park next to the Kiosk. It runs from 9.00am - 1.00pm. Stalls can vary from market to market but regular stalls provide meat, eggs, bread and cakes, smoked produce, jams and preserves. 

Economic Development

The sub-group is concerned with issues relating to the local economy including housing issues, commercial development and the promotion of the town. CADISPA delivered a broad-based survey of the Gatehouse community  which provided direction for the development of a range of projects within the community. Consultations were held widely within the community.

Garries Park

The sub-group is concerned with improvements to the park. Current projects are the ongoing development of a wild-flower meadow at one end of the park, a sensory garden, and multi-activity equipment for young people.

Gatehouse Carbon Action

Gatehouse Carbon Action is a project aiming to empower local people to make a significant, positive change to their lives and to the wider community by helping them to reduce carbon emissions and save money. A carbon survey programme offers members of the community a free home visit by a local community researcher. The main objective is to initiate a process of behaviour change which will hopefully over time lead to healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

Wind Turbine
A wind turbine has been installed at Rainton Farm (Cream o' Galloway) outside Gatehouse. This 50kw turbine is a medium-sized turbine and is an example of the installation of this type of device in close proximity to a farm and visitor centre which uses the power which it generates. The sale of the power generated to Cream o' Galloway provides an income stream back to the community. The installation itself also provides a valuable educational exhibit for renewable energy at the visitor centre.

The Kiosk

his project was set up in 2008 to make use of the former TIC building in the car park. The project aims to complement the new TIC which is now based in the Mill on the Fleet. The Kiosk aims to support businesses, groups and the community in general in Gatehouse. Visitors will find information and displays on the local shops and outlets together with other information to help you make the most of your time in Gatehouse. The Kiosk will also showcase and sell locally made arts and crafts, locally produced artisan food and other produce such as plants and organic vegetables. Producers will hold tastings throughout the summer and other activities are planned.


as formed in 1994 to improve the business, social and physical environment  of Langholm and the surrounding areas

The High Street
face lift scheme and Parliament Square parking area

The Langholm and Eskdale Music & Arts Festival

The Langholm Initiative set up the Festival Committee and continue to help them. From the Festival has stemmed the Buccleuch Centre who we assist with various tasks

Bonnie Langholm

The Langholm Initiative was instrumental in setting up the group and continue to support them. They provide and maintain beautiful floral displays and planters on the High Street.

CADISPA initiated the Langholm Walks Group and worked with them to promote the area as a walking destination. We developed 14 waymarked walks and arranged the Annual Walking Festival and Ranger Led Walks

The Moorland Project and Prehistoric Trail

These are green tourism projects that we have set up - involving the creation of leaflets, web pages, information panels and a picnic area

The Recycling Project

CADISPA supported this group in their efforts to set up a Community Composting Centre

Christmas Lights

CADISPA assisted this group with organisation of the switch on and displays of lights, liaising with D & G Council and arranging maintenace of the equipment

Thomas Telford

CADISPAassisted with arranging a series of events to commemorate the famous local civil engineer's 250th Birthday involving creation of information panels,leaflets, web pages and a cairn

CADISPA manage the community website www.langholm-online.co.uk

Broadband grants

CADISPA administered £10,000 to 77 local businesses

CADISPA provided support and advice to other community groups

We support local businesses and we are a local point of contact for Business Gateway and PSYBT (Prince's Scottish Youth Business Trust)

CADISPA organised a volunteer Tourist Information service and produce and distribute a local accommodation leaflet. Last season 1650 enquiries were dealt with

Logie Coldstone Trust is a company limited by guarantee formed in 2007 to take over from previous Logie Coldstone Welfare Trust.


The objects of the Company are the advancement of citizenship and community development by the promotion of the well being of the inhabitants of Logie Coldstone and District, by associating the local authorities, voluntary organisations and residents in a common effort to promote social activities and to foster community spirit.

The maintenance and management of the Logie Coldstone Public Hall for activities promoted by the Company and its constituent bodies and to carryout any extension of the premises or facilities provided, which may at anytime seem necessary or desirable.

Logie Coldstone Hall
The committee have undertaken a considerable amount of research into the current state of the hall, and into the aspirations of the community for its future use. The committee wish to ensure that any proposed hall redevelopment is sustainable in terms of the physical building, the adjacent external environment and in economic and social terms. Accordingly a feasibility study was commissioned in to examine the overall sustainability of redeveloping the hall. Following that, because of the looming financial crisis and difficulty in getting large amounts of funding for village hall building work, it was decided to improve the hall in small manageable steps as could be afforded while all the while working on increasing community involvement.

Situated on the banks of the Cromarty Firth, Invergordon's IOTW area grassroots community group dedicated to transforming not only the visible appearance
of their town but restoring pride and a sense of placein the local community. By asking local community groups to participate in a variety of arts projects
they hope to help halt the economic decline of their high Street. Invergordon is a satellite town of the rapidly growing Inverness and most local businesses
are feeling the effects of this expansion. Bypassed by both the A9 and the traffic from the luxury liners which dock in the town, who opt to take buses to
established tourist destinations, Invergordon has to fight hard to attract visitors and remain economically viable.

The Mural & Trail

Invergordon Off the Wall (IOTW) have developed a number of innovative and creative projects in response to these circumstances. The group's first project
worked with the community to createan outdoora mural trailwhichtells the story ofthe town’s Heritage in a vibrant and accessible way. Local groups worked
with professional artists to develop murals which were then painted onto gable ends, building fronts and walls in the town.
It is hoped that in the long term this will encourage more tourism and develop greater community cohesion in the town.
The project is modelled on a similar one which has proven very successful in Chemainus, Canada – where there are now more than 400,000 visitors per year.


Invergordon off the Wall was proud to host a visit to Invergordon by HRH, Princess Anne, to launch the mural trail. Huge crowds turned out to welcome her and the whole town was abuzz with excitement about the opening of the trail.
The Invergordon off the Wall committee, together with representatives from all the community groups involved with the mural trail, funders and sponsors
were able to meet HRH and discuss the project with her.

Fleet Festival

Invergordon was a naval bass in the early twentieth century and is famous for the Invergordon Mutiny, an industrial action by the Atlantic Fleet in Invergordon on the 15th and 16th ofSeptember 1931. Many locals fondly remembered the Marine band which used to play on the streets of Invergordon when the homefleet were in port, it was decided to invite them to return to help celebrate the completion of the Mural Trail.
It was a day of torrential rain, but the atmosphere when the Band marched up the High Street was magical and brought many a tear to the eye of some of the older residents.

On 20 October 09 a gentle giant walked into our lives in the shape of the Big Man Walking and captured the hearts of the huge crowd who turned out to greet him. Invergordon off the Wall, were one of only five communities in Scotland chosen to host the event.

Invergordon Off the Wall receivedfunding from Creative Scotland for an initial community consultation and further funding to deliver our Evolutions project.

 Current problems included the closure of the local filling station, shop and post office. There were no public toilets in the area, a lack of affordable housing and issues concerned with tied housing at Distillery and Estate. The immediate needs of the community include responding to wind farm developments and decisions on the use of the ‘community benefit fund’ from existing developments, whilst actively disputing Highland Council’s claim (made without consultation) to gain control of over 45% of the fund for dispersal to other areas. CADISPA was asked by the Strathdearn Community Council in 2010 to undertake a community planning study.

It was felt that the community has lost much of its facilities ….. “10 years ago we had an award winning pub, village post office, Little Chef restaurant, village shop and we felt quite well served”. The community was also in need of active voices to respond to developments that could have a huge impact on its long term viability.

The main aims, objectives and activities of this community group? At this time, Strathdearn CC were in the process of consulting with the community on the setting up of a new organisation to take community projects forward. This organisation is intended to avoid the limitations of existing community bodies (the Community Council’s limits on fundholding, ownership and employment, the Strathdearn Community Charitable Trust and the Hall Committee’s inflexible statuses and project-management). The aims and objectives of the new organisation were still being defined but it was felt that the organsation should provide a more cohesive structure for community decision-making.


The CADISPA study showed that 92% of respondents from Strathdearn believed ‘local people should either be leading or managing future development in the Strathdearn area’. Strathdearn residents explored different options for structuring their new organization which included a Trust with Trustees; a (Charitable) Limited Company; a Community Interest Company and the new structure, a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO). Ultimately deciding on a Company Limited by Guarantee, a steering group has been identified and they will report back their findings to the Community Council in November.

Four other groups were set up at the same time to carry out ground-work associated with some of the main issues identified by the community through the CADISPA study:

Facilities Group - To address the provision of facilities and amenities in Strathdearn for both local people and visitors to the area.

Medical Provision Group - To improve medical services in the area.

Communications Group - Addressing the provision of better Broadband and mobile coverage in the area.

Future Planning Group - Linked to community plan and the CADISPA study priority list, this group will address the possibility of re-opening the railway station, affordable housing concerns and potential development of space for small businesses etc.

Actions taken to seek support and funding  

The Strathdearn community are at the very start of their development process with minimal funding. The Strathdearn CC will continue to administer the distribution of wind farm funds until a new organisation has been established. CADISPA  supported them through the development process through the coming years.

Looking to the Future?

Future hopes and goals include developing a five-year action plan to get the best for Strathdearn in terms of local facilities, housing, medical services, transport and local economic, social and environmental development.